Stone Mart

Cancellation Policy

At Stonemart™ India, we feel thrilled with each and every purchase that you make and offer such a quality assurance that cancellation culture is not common in the culture that we endorse. Yet, in the businesses there come circumstances where the act of cancelling the order becomes inevitable. If we speak in the standard terms, then the shipment of the order is normally done within 10 business days. The notification is sent from our end prior to the shipment is commenced and we expect the confirmation of the cancellation from your end prior to that.

Irrespective of the fact that you are providing a standard or custom order, we expect to receive the cancellation of the order from your end within three days once you place the order. It is customary to abide by the given time frame to avoid penalty in the given order.

It is essential for the concerned party to provide a written confirmation of the cancellation of the order at our customer service channel and oral or verbal confirmation of any sort is not entertained under any circumstance. Besides that, the cancellation of the order is only accepted in the case where the shipment solely charged in our own responsibility gets damaged on the way and received by you at the spot in the damaged condition, then cancelling the order is your right if you can provide the videography or photo of the damage at the time of procuring the order to our support channel. Here, we try to ensure that the compensation for the damaged product is duly made within a stipulated period, but if you would like to cancel the order instead of receiving a new delivery then it is your sole right.

Once the item is returned, we provide you an email about the return of the item and notify you whether the approval or rejection of the refund can be made. In case, you are entitled for the refund of the money post cancellation as per our cancellation policy, then the refund would surely be made.  Please note that the refund is always made in the provided bank account details and nowhere else and the bank account details are required to be provided to the customer service channel in writing form with all the necessary details that are imperative for the transaction to take place.

It is always recommended that you get an answer to all your questions and queries from our sales representative about the cancellation policy prior to the pressing of the order button. In addition to that, there are certain products that are extremely unique, rare, and antique and are not covered in the cancellation policy of the company. It is strongly recommended that you get familiar with such products prior to the confirmation of the order.

At Stonemart™ India, the need for cancellation seldom occurs and even in case that happens, we offer our top-notch support and help you out with the necessary guidance and care in every possible sense.