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Sold To Ballari, Karnataka 3 Feet Big Sandstone Water Feature

CODE NO.: 7286

SOLD 46" Huge rainbow sandstone water feature to Ballari, Karnataka from Stonemart™. Exclusive Big Natural Stone water feature for parks, resorts, farmhouses, real estate society, hotels, big gardens and home from Stonemart™.

Huge rainbow sandstone sphere with natural rock base as a water tank to retain the overall natural look, making it the most exclusive natural stone fountain in India. With weight over 1.5 tons, this masterpiece stone water feature is pump fitted and available with door delivery option from Stonemart™. The huge sphere is chieseld by hands to make sure the maximum flowing water sound is created to give you a magical effect as if you are sitting in a forest and enjoying the waterfall in front of you. Its not just the top that is special, rather the base which is actually a mountain block chieseled just from inside to create a pond without touching the natural surface from outside. You can keep fish, grow lotus or create a serene stone birdbath out of this beautiful water fountain. Let's have a look at some of the features of this waterfall for garden from Stonemart™:

1. Durability : Forget years, this sandstone water feature is for ages as its out of complete rainbow sandstone.
2. Measurements: Diameter of top pond height 3 feet or 36 inches, diameter 2.5 feet or 30 inches, tank size 50*36*10 inches. Thus overall measurement : 50*36*46 inches.
3. Weight : Approx 1.5 Ton Require a fork lift or crane to handle. 
4. Packaging : Packing is in wooden crates or pallets to ensure the masterpiece reaches in perfect condition.
5. Shipment : Door Delivery is possible to all locations in India and even worldwide.
6. Time to Reach : If in stock , within 7 days it reaches anywhere across India. For countries outside India, it depends on the mode preferred i.e by Land, Air, or Sea.
7. Installation : Just like other water fountains, this fountain doesn't require any installation. With pump fitted, the only requirement is taking out the things out of wooden crate and placing one after other.  
8. Safety : Safe for kids, pets, shock proof and stable enough to keep it indoor or outdoor. Alhough due to huge size, recommendable for outdoor garden. 
9. In Stock : No, Sold to Ballari, Karnataka, not in stock to order from Stonemart™.
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