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Sold 3 Feet White Marble Buddha Statues In Dhyana Mudra And Bhumisparsha Mudra

CODE NO.: 7395

The most popular meditative Buddha statues that are vehemently explored by the clients globally are now ready to land on your doorstep in the form of a trio. Two of these 3 feet white marble Buddha statues are featuring the lord in his dhyana mudra and remaining one in his iconic Bhumisparsha mudra which enlightened and transformed Siddhartha Gautama into the Buddha. All these statues are seated upon a padmasana base and immerse the viewer into an ocean of spirituality with a single glance. In today's world, when the integrity and goodness is gradually eroding from people's life, the presence of these powerful statues for enlightenment can forge the way forward.

Dhyana mudra statues are a perfect addition for students and professionals seeking self awareness, exploring answers by going inwards. It can help profoundly by reducing the level of stress and anxiety in the body of both senior citizens and the youngsters alike. Bhumisparsha mudra statues are also known as benevolent or charitable Buddha statue. This of the Buddha symbolizes charity, compassion, enlightenment and boon-granting. It is considered to be a powerful medium of bringing happiness and prosperity to our lives. The trio can be placed seperately at home, garden, resort, cafe, spa, farmhouse, institutions, meditation centres and even hospital or rehabilitation centre. 

Let's have a look at some of the features of these big marble Buddha Sculptures that make them unique and 'must to have' for your beautiful home and garden:

1. Durability : 36" hand carved out of 100% original, naturally excavated and heavy white marble blocks, forget years, these masterpiece Buddha sculptures are going to last for ages and thats guaranteed. Since its all out of marble, its perfect to be kept in Sun, Rain, or extreme weather conditions with no sign of worry at all.
2. Measurements : Statue Size : (L*b*h) 24*12*36 inches. for all the three statues 
3. Weight : Approx 180 kg (After packaging in wooden crate approx 250 kg)
4. Packaging : Packed in wooden crate or pallet with thick sheet of foam and bubble wrap for safe shipment. 
5. Installation : All stone sculptures including these three, doesn't require any installation. The only thing required is to take out the statues from the wooden crate and place them. It requires around 4 people to handle it.
6. Placement : Bhumisparsha Mudra are considered best to keep at the home entrance as well as in the gardens, porches and backyards. Dhyana mudra is recommended for living room and study room (as per best Feng Shui placement) as well as central halls of the institutions and meditation centres. 
7. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ delivery of these large Buddha statues for home and garden is possible to doorstep to any location across India. Also it can be exported to any country in the world since Stonemart™ is into exports and exporting products worldwide.
8. Time to Reach : Within 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For export, it depends on the distance and the route preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
9. In Stock : No, not in stock to order (Can be prepared on Order - Lead Time 30 Days)
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