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Sold Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue On Lotus

CODE NO.: 6039

Sandstone Buddha carved out on triple layer padmasana lotus base is an outstanding example of delicate craftsmanship. The remarkably crafted base elevates the statue of this meditating Buddha on lotus up to nearly 3 feet. 
Opulent, grandeur and flabbergasting to the eyes, this sandstone statue of the Buddha is endowed the dhyani lord with a calm, serene and enchanting smile on his face. This Dhyana mudra Buddha is symbolised on a triple layered padmasana lotus base with articulately carved robe on the body. This fourth Dhyani Buddha, known by the name, Amitabha. The highly elevated lotus base showcases the power of meditation transmitted from this posture helps in converting the illusions of mortal desires of the world into the wisdom of deliverance.