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Granite Waterfall For Home

CODE NO.: 6931

Beautiful Granite waterfall for indoor ( home) and outdoor Garden from Stonemart™. Pump Fitted, with no installation requirement, this granite water feature or fountain with tilted grey marble bowl is among the best contemporary fountain series from Stonemart™. Carved fully by hand, this masterpiece waterfall for garden is so exclusive, that it is considered perfect for commercial applications too. Yes, you can install this exclusive granite fountain at entrance of hotel , in your farmhouse, or office reception or in your resort. Let's have a look at the features of this contemporary waterfall for home and garden.
1. Placement : Home, Indoor, Living Room, Balcony, Terrace Garden, Outdoor Garden, Farmhouse, Resort, Hotel
2. Material : Black Granite ( Base) and Grey Marble ( Titled bowl)
3. Measurements: Diamter of Base Bowl : 26 inch diameter, Thickness 6 inch, Top Bowl Size 9 inch diamter, height 9 inch.
4. Height : 22 inch ( Approx 2 feet)
5. Weight : Approx 120 kg
6. No Power Wastatge : Water Pump  that operates on electricity is included ( Submersible pump that consumes less power) 
7. No Water Wastatage : The water is rotated. Requires a bucket full of water and that water keeps on rotating to ensure little or no wastage of water.
8. Durable : Out of natural stone, lasts for ages not years.
9. Maintenance : Requires no maintenace, just normal cleaning with water.
10. Installation : All fountains from Stonemart™ including this does't require any installtion. You just need to take the bowl and place it on the base bowl.
11. Packaging : Both the top titled bowl and bottom bowl are packed in separate wooden pallets or crates with perfect packing accompanied with thick 1 inch foam sheet and bubble wrap.
12. Delivery : Within 7 days after dispatch ( across India) and export depending on the country ( LCL delivery).
13. In Stock : Yes.

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Black denotes luxury and so is the waterfall. With soothing water flowing sound, this beautiful granite waterfall for home and garden is among the most exclusive contemporary fountain ranges from Stonemart™. Fully carved by hands, the special size make it best for anywhere fountain. Yes, you can put it on your terrace  or balcony to use a fountain cum birdbath. Alternatively, imagine how beautiful it would look inside your beautiful home on any console. With no spillage of water ( due to big diameter) of bowl and optimum height of the titled bowl from where the water falls, it's perfect for indoors. So, if you are looking for something exclusive that has Vastu benefits as well, then this Vastu friendly waterfall for home and garden is perfect for you. To order or to inquire more, just whatsapp/call +91-9413348979 or mail Order now!