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Sold To Trivandrum, Kerala Marble Buddha With Granite Pagoda And Urli

CODE NO.: 6973

This black marble Buddha statue in vitarka mudra celebrates a perpetual flow of information, knowledge and wisdom. The serene smile on the face of the lord symbolises the power and confidence of knowledge and resulting wisdom. The mudra is formed by the Buddha by raising his right hand in blessing form and joining the thumb and index finger to form a complete circle. It was first demonstrated by the Buddha to his pupils during one of his earliest sermons. This 2.5 feet black Buddha statue comes along with a granite pagoda in East Asian architectural style of multi-storey building with the facility of light at the ground level compartment. The presence of this pagoda is considered extremely effective to ward off negative energies from the premises and also improves concentration and mental powers. The set is additionally featured with granite urli to be filled with water and floating candles and flower petals. The urli in front of the fountain is considered to be a symbol of wealth, prosperity and happiness. For the best results as per the Vastu, it is recommended to place it in the northeast side of the living room, dining area or entrance of the house or commercial premises.

Let us look at the features that you are about to avail right here- 

1. Durability : Forget years, this vitarka Buddha statue is going to last for ages and that's guaranteed. Since its all out of black marble, and that too out of single block of marble, its perfect to be kept it in Sun, Rain, or extreme weather conditions.
2. Dimension : 30" inches, out of single block of stone.
3. Weight : Approx 120 kg, Require 2-3 people to handle
4. Packaging : Packed in wooden crate or pallet with thick sheet of foam and bubble wrap for safe shipment. 
5. Installation: Fully intact and simplest in terms of installation. Just take it out of the wooden box and place it wherever you like.  
6. Placement : This Buddha with granite pagoda and urli is considered best to be kept both indoor and outdoor (as per best Feng Shui placement), so its upto you where you wish to place the same. 
7. Delivery : Yes, at Stonemart™ delivery of this black marble statue for home is possible to doorstep to any location across India. Also it can be exported to any country in the world since Stonemart™ is into exports and exporting products worldwide.
8. Time to Reach : Within 7 days after dispatch to all destinations across India. For export, it depends on the distance and the route preferred i.e. by Air or Sea.
9. In Stock : No, sold to Trivandrum, Kerala, but will be made on order (Lead time 30 days) 
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