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Natural Stone Waterfall

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Buying big water fountains for garden, 100% out of Natural Stones, Durable that last for ages not years, that doesn't require any maintenance and are so big that you don't get a feeling you are buying anything small, are now available at Stonemart™. Yes, and guess what, you even don't have to worry for the installation as they are all manufactured in such a manner that you just have to lay them one after another. Operates with a simple submersible pump that is available in any neary electric shop, it even consumes a very little amount of electricity. Finally, it works on recycling water, so there's little or no wastatge of water. Let's have a look at the features of this extra ordinary big size Natural stone waterfall for garden in India.

1. Durability : Guaranteed life span of over 100 years, thus its for ages not years.
2. Measurements : Huge Block of sandstone is used with size : L*W*H 36 inches *24 inches * 21 inches ( Height can be increased by putting rocks in between)
3. Weight : Approx 250 kg
4. Packaging : Packed in wooden pallets/ crates with bubble wraps and thick sheet of foam to ensure the masterpiece reaches in perfect condition.
5. Shipment : Door Delivery is possible to all destinations of India. Stonemart™ , being an ISO Certified export organization, it can be exported to all countries including USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada etc. 
6. Time to Reach : All products, including this one, until in stock reaches to any destination across India within 7 days after dispatch. To any other country, it depends on the distance and mode proferred i.e. by Sea or Air.
7. Installation : Not required
8. Water Pump : Included
9. In Stock: Yes
10. Watch the beautiful water fountain running at Stonemart™ Youtube Channel :
 Should You have any further query or you wish to order, whatsapp +91- 9413348979 or mail

Looking for beautiful natural rock waterfall for your garden that doen't require any mason work and even has a possibility to be shifted to your terrace or balcony or any other location, then this huge waterfall with soothing water flow is perfect for you. Since, its natural its perfect for outdoor and has life span in ages not years. With weight approx 250 kg, you can understand its not something small and sure to catch every eye towards it. So what are you waiting for? 
Should You have any further query or you wish to order, whatsapp +91- 9413348979 or mail