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Packed Stone Temple, Furniture, Shiva Idol, Buddha Statue, Ganesha Idol And More For Dispatch To Chinchavali, Maharashtra

CODE NO.: 7746

Packed Shiva temple, Shiva idol, Ganesha idol, Buddha idol, furniture and various other stone decor products dispatched in shipment dated February 22, 2024 from Stonemart™. Experience domestic packaging in international standards with correct foam sheets and tight bubble wraps with each component packed in wooden crates for utmost external safety. The loading and unloading of the shipment is also handled only by the professionals. Once reach your address, you can find professional written instructions about handling the shipment and how to open the same. 

The complete set-up comes with natural stone spiritual and decor aesthetics ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor. The whole set-up is perfect for outdoors including garden, office premises, temples, academic and research institutions, resorts, hospitals, rehabilitation centers as well as commercial establishments with planned architecture. Always keep the premises clean and tidy and never place the Hindu God statues and Buddha statue near bathroom, lavatory or laundry room. The installation of the temple would require the assistance of crane.  

Check out this masterpiece here-

Let's have a look at the packaging features of these right here:

1. Placement : Garden, temples, real estate societies, office premises, resort, farmhouse, hospitals, rehabilitation centre, hotel, and different forms of commercial establishments. 
2. Material : Products made from different stone materials including sandstone, marble and granite.  
3. Dimension : Stone products made with different measurements 
4. Height : Stone products featuring different heights  
5. Weight : Stone products featuring different weights 
6. Durable : Made from 100% natural stone treasured in the core of the Earth, all these products are meant to last not just for years but ages.
7. Maintenance : Requires no maintenance, just basic dusting and cleaning with water.
8. Installation : The temple installation would require crane and all the other sculptures and products from Stonemart™ do not require any installation. 
9. Packaging : Different natural stone decor products for interior and exterior are packed in a wooden pallet or crate with perfect packing accompanied with thick 1 inch foam sheet and bubble wrap.
10. Delivery : (ONLY IF IN STOCK) Within 7 days after dispatch (across India) and export depending on the country (LCL delivery).
11. In Stock : No, sold to Chinchavali, Maharashtra and not in stock at the moment. But can be made again on order depending on the availability of the block (Lead time 30 days).
12. Watch the professional preparation of the shipment ready for dispatch live at Stonemart™ YouTube Channel at

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