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Stone Sculpture In One Legged King Pigeon Pose

CODE NO.: 6139

This Bali stone sculpture depicted in one legged king pigeon pose is widely practised by the people who are keen to keep their shoulders, back and hips healthy and strong. This sheer artistic work is 100% made in India for both Indian and global clients. The yoga pose has been hand carved out to perfection out of one single piece of Bali stone.
1. Where can you Place: This yoga stone sculpture can readily be placed in the living spaces of apartments, flats, bungalows, villas, gardens, as well as at offices, fitness and yoga centres. The statue is not anyhow related to Vastu and can be placed as per the decor needs of the owner.
2. Durability: A lasting product which is durable and easy to instal. Bring home the sculpture that can offer you finesse and endurance in one order. Its resistance to weather and algae make it the most sought of product in comparison to the cheap imports made out of other materials.
3. International Shipment: We cover international shipment with trusted overseas delivery worldwide. These include King Pigeon Pose sculpture USA, King Pigeon Pose sculpture Dubai, King Pigeon Pose sculpture UK, King Pigeon Pose sculpture UAE, King Pigeon Pose sculpture Canada, etc.
4. Local Shipment: We fulfil King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture India requirements to different states and union territories of the country. We commonly receive orders from north and central India for King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Maharashtra, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Uttar Pradesh, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Punjab, etc.
We also cover a massive market in southern India with commonly enlisted orders for King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Telangana, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Kerala, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Tamil Nadu, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Goa, King Pigeon Pose stone sculpture in Karnataka, etc. 

5. Packaging: This yoga stone sculpture is packed in wooden crate and quality foam sheets and bubble wraps to keep the order safe during the entire course of shipment journey.
6. Time to Reach: When available in stock, then within 7 days to all destinations across India. For export, depending upon the distance and the mode of shipment preferred, i.e. by sea or by air.
7. In Stock: Yes
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