Stone Mart

Shipping Policy

Please note that we provide shipping delivery to both the residential and the commercial sites. Our primary objective shall remain to ensure that your order gets delivered easily, efficiently and without any stress or issues.


It is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your order delivered straight to your home. And for that, there is no special type of equipment is required. Please note that your order will depart from the warehouse right to the delivery address through third party carrier truck (with a size of 30’-50’ trailer, depending on the order).

Once reached, your order will subsequently be lowered down straight to your driveway or curbside manually or with the help of a Power Lift-gate. The Lift-gate equipment is generally located right on the back side of the carrier truck and it ensures that your order gets unloaded swiftly, easily, and safely without intervention from the homeowner or other people in the surroundings.


Yes, for the orders to get delivered to the locations with a help of heavy lifting or loading dock equipment, like a forklift or pallet jacket, we do have the option of commercial delivery. Here your order is going to depart from the warehouse to the point of delivery address through third party carrier truck (with a size of 30’-50’ trailer, based on the order).

Your order is going to be dispatched and received at the mentioned official commercial loading dock at which the unloading equipment available on your project site would suffice all the unloading requirements.


Please note that all kinds of standard third-party carrier deliveries are made between Monday to Friday amid 8am and 5pm. The services can be accessed during Saturday and Sunday as well, subject to the availability of the carrier. Here, please make sure you are at the site of the delivery to get your ordered item on time. In case you require re-delivery, you might be charged extra shipping cost.


Kindly note that all the delivery options do facilitate you to track down your order online. Stonemart™ India would email you the shipping confirmation along with the subsequent information:


All sorts of delivery options facilitate you to track down your order over the Internet. Stonemart™ India once receive your order, there would be a requirement to sign a waybill as per the request of the driver. It is suggestive that you properly verify your delivery in advance for any sort of visual damage and subsequently record it over the waybill prior to signing off your order.

All kinds of orders are thoroughly packaged to shun the act of damage during delivery. There will always be a visibility of damaged products right from the exterior of the boxes, crate, or pallet. That is the reason why, please make sure to pen down all the recordings of all the damages on the waybill right at the time of the delivery.